Saturday, February 07, 2009


Yesterday when I went outside I was quite stunned by the "heat" in the air. It was in the mid-30s. Today, I wake up and I see snow melting off the roof. Here it is, just before noon and it's in the lower 40s. The typical January thaw is a little late this year. Let's hope this year we skip the brutal cold spell that usually follows one of these thaws.

So today we're gonna really try to get things going over here on the moving front. Maybe put the old beat up recliner on the curb and pack up books and other little-used stuff. Or maybe I'll get under the car and do the oil change and remove that annoying heat shield that's sitting on my exhaust. Or perhaps I'll do both. But I figure this is the weekend to officially get under way, it being a little more than a month before moving day. Not looking forward to it, but this is not something to procrastinate. Right? Right.

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  1. it's in the s-s-s-sixties down here today. I had lunch sitting outside the museum, and it was absolutely lovely. One of my friends here is from Boston and he was like "dude, i thought these chicago winters were supposed to be brutal" and I said "buddy, this here is the eye of the hurricane".

  2. Fuckin' A. We only hit the upper 40s here today. Which is certainly a shock for early Feb. But I certainly won't miss these shitty winters.