Sunday, March 25, 2012

Update time?

Yep, I think it is. Funny thing is, it's only been a year since I posted. I could have sworn it was two. So, I guess I'm doing better than I thought.

Anyway, a lot has been going on these past couple years. And for some reason I just haven't been inspired to post. I love writing because it's a creative outlet and I like sharing my little corner of this existence with random people and loved ones, but sometimes the motivation is just not there. Which is fine. These things happen, and I'm not gonna fight it. Same thing has been happening with reading lately. I am typically a voracious reader, but for the past year or so, I just can't get through a book. Maybe my brain is dying.

Honestly though, I went through a rough patch and came out of it fine--and certainly changed. Last spring felt like a rebirth of sorts.

Since my last post, I've mostly been working at a farm a little west of Chicago. It's a farm only in the sense that a small part of what they do is grow some of the vegetables they sell, and people actually buy those veggies--so starved are folks in suburbia for fresh, local food that they'll buy anything marketed as local and green again and again. We'll just leave it there.

But the year was not a loss in any sense. I continued to learn what not to do, mostly, and I met a bunch of great people. My co-workers at the farm were so great, in fact, that two of them have become my business partners and we have started a farm together. And the rest are future partners, or lifelong friends at the least.

Our farm is about 50 miles south of Chicago. We're doing a CSA and growing crops for seed. At the same time I'll be the assistant manager at the previous farm I apprenticed at, Peasant's Plot. So, I'm going to be one busy bastard here shortly. It's already been busy coming up with the farm plan, acquiring the tools we need, and starting all these seeds. But April is going to be a whole different story, what with having to move and find a new vehicle on top of the season really beginning in earnest.

So, I don't know how much you'll be hearing from me on here, but I wanted to get an update in. The farm will have a blog, and maybe I'll provide the link for that. But I'd like to try posting a little more frequently here, if possible.