Saturday, February 21, 2009

Changes to the blog

Regular readers will notice I've been making some changes to the blog lately. Been playing around with the way the sidebar looks, changing the way I link to my favorite blogs, showing links to related posts in a widget after each post, messing with the html code to tweak things, etc.

Everything looks good on my end. But if anybody sees anything that looks haywire or off, please let me know. Also, if you think my blog could use something different or would function better with some kind of adjustment, tell me. You want me to focus my content on some particular aspect of living the rural, poor, biological farm life? I'm all ears (no corn pun intended... seriously).

Though I do this blog partly for my own personal satisfaction, it's also about communicating with and sharing ideas with other folks, both those I already know and those I've yet to correspond with. So, let me know if you've got some ideas or thoughts. Comments are a good way to do it, but email (ramblinjoe[at]gmail) works as well.

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