Thursday, March 19, 2009

Super seeder

We did lots of seeding today, and look at this badass toy.

And then:

Those are 128 cell flats. It takes just a few minutes to seed one flat once you get the hang of this thing. It uses a standard compressor hose attached to a simple PVC contraption and some needle-like suction tubes to accomplish the task. You dip your wand of needles (each set of needles sized for a general seed type, and the number of needles is adjustable depending on the cell quantity of your flats) into a tube full of seeds while holding your thumb over an air hole. It does a fairly good job of picking up one seed per needle. Then you place the needles at the appropriate spot, take your thumb off the hole, and, voila! the seeds are in the soil. Fast and easy, and a rather simple solution to a common small farm problem.

For those who aren't familiar with the process, this saves a whole lot of time and frustration when compared with seeding your plants by rolling seeds out of your hand or by using those shitty little plastic seed dispensers. The contraption is a bit pricey (in the neighborhood of $300), but might be worth the expense for a decent-sized propagation operation.

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