Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rain and white lightning

It's been rainy here, but warm (to me at least). We've been doin lots of seeding and transplanting. But it ain't all business.

So, you know the greenhouse where we're propagating; well, half of it was planted in a cover crop of mustard greens, like so:

We tilled these mustards in as a green manure to add organic matter and help combat what we believe to be some sort of pathogen in this particular soil. After a few days of watering and waiting for the greens to break down, we transplanted these cukes:

So far, so good (we only lost one of the transplants). As you can see, the cukes are gonna be growing up those cattle panels we installed. And let me tell you, it took some major pounding, grunts, and sweat to get those t-posts in.

Our first seedlings have germinated well. Not sure if this is a picture of the kohlrabi or one of the other brassicas. This is a shot taken three days after seeding:

And here's a pic of one of the other greenhouses, where we planted those greens I talked about in a previous post. I think that's arugula poking out (you might also see that we have lots of weeding to do already). Photo was taken on 3/27, 10 days after seeding.

Here are lots of flats of potted up flowers, herbs, and veggies sitting on pallets next to the beds of cukes. We're running out of table space.

And then some extra-curriculars. We caught these trout:

In these ponds:

Then we cleaned 'em and ate 'em immediately. Best fish I've ever had.
And then there was happy hour. All I'll say is that it was so smooth and would be one hell of a drink on a cold night.

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  1. Keith will be jealous your first fishing experience happened without him:)!

  2. Well, the first catch in my adult life. When you all come down here we'll catch some trout in our front yard.

  3. Keith will be drooling at the thought of catching mountain trout in your front yard! That's all he'll need to hear to convince him we should visit:) Fresh trout does sound pretty tasty. Is there a specific season you can fish them?

  4. The season is long. It started this past weekend and goes until the end of February I think. I'll be looking forward to your visit:)

  5. OK, that's plenty of time to get out there! Fall might be a nice time to visit ... warmer than here and I bet the leaves are fantastic!