Friday, April 24, 2009

On missing things

Probably for the first time in over a month, since we've moved, I'm missing some of the old stuff. It's probably 'cause I was looking through pictures from the last two years. They hold lots of good memories. I miss Sunny Sky Farm. I miss our Wisconsin friends. I even miss the flatness (and rocklessness) a bit.

I mean the me that is now was born there. And place always matters.

Love where I am now though. Just miss some of those things.


  • helping farm and learning what I need to know at the longest-running CSA in central Wisco
  • Keith and Carie and Gavin--hangin' and occasionally tryin' to fish
  • spring hiking the beautiful glacier-touched lands, despite those nasty ticks
  • graveyard drunkenness
  • Point beer
  • easy, mostly level bike rides
  • quick walks to Charlie's
  • Feel Good
  • really bad TV newscasts
  • Wisconsin Public Radio
  • and everyone out there trying to expand local agriculture--it's amazing what you all are doing in such a small population center
 Just to name a few.

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  1. Its a wonderful thing to have good memories, just keep making more good memories.

  2. Awe, glad we made the list:)We miss you guys, too. In fact Keith and I were just looking up something on the computer, and I said, "Let's check Joe's blog and see what's up. I miss them!"