Saturday, December 13, 2008


Nice to meet you. I'm joe, and I run this here blog. Well, you know, if you want to call it running. And if you want to call it a blog.

I don't really know if I know how to write anymore. I surely am rusty at typing.

It's been a great year.

Here in Stevens Point it's cold. And snowy. Already. But the stored vegetables are good. And so is the beer.

I'm currently freelancing as an editor/PowerPoint-creator-extraordinaire. I spent the warm months growing honest-to-goodness food. For 135 locally nourished families.

I'm really having a hard time with all this I stuff. It's an issue I have when it comes to blogging. Probably ingrained during my long years in the public school system and complicated during my somewhat less-long years in higher education. It hurts.

Anyway, welcome to the reincarnation, whichever way it goes.

I (me, already) love sufficiency. Not expansion. Not extreme specialization. Not know-nothingness. You know, survival.

My Grandpa on my Mom's side knew how to survive. Not many others I know do. But I aim to.

But let's not get all nostalgic. 'Cause I ain't looking backward. Well, to be honest, I look back a little. But I don't think there's anything wrong with that. We need a little remembering to go along with all this forward movement. Lest we forget. Words and concepts are a lot different than muscle memory and "Yeah, I been there."

I guess, where I begin is, Who's your farmer?

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